The Priceless Peeptoes

A peep toe shoe is a women’s shoe with an opening in the toe box that allows the toes to “peep” out. The cutout shape of a peep toe is typically rounded or wedge-shaped, and it can appear on just about any type of women’s shoe: a pump, ankle bootie, slingback, wedge and even a flat.

“It’s a sandal and pump wrapped into one. That’s what makes it so popular,” says Steve Madden

The peep toe shoe is not the same as a open toed shoe. A peep toe shows a small part of the toes, whereas an open toed shoe shows the entire toe line. Peep toe shoes are also not the same as peek-a-boo shoes. Peek-a-boo shoes get their name because they reveal parts of the foot through decorative cutouts. So we at iDreamShoes will help you all to have a clear mind, when you choose your perfect peeptoes 🙂


Ancient Times

Peep toe shoes are said to date back to Ancient Greece and Rome, when they took on a platform shape but it wasn’t until the 1940s that peep toes really became fashionable and took on the style we recognize today.

Peep-toe shoes were popular beginning in the 1940s but disappeared by the 1960s. Peep-toe shoes had a brief resurgence in the 1970s/80s, before falling out of fashion by the mid-1990s. More recently, they have become popular again, with variations such as “peep-toe boots” appearing.

You will be amazed to see what we got from the past


This is a cut out of newspaper named The Bulletin late back from 1955. Were our ancestors so much fashionable that fashion was a news those days too?? Whoa!!!

The shoes were trendy throughout the ’50s and became branded as the official pinup shoe worn by the likes of Marilyn Monroe.


Despite falling in and out of fashion over the past few decades, peep toes have remained an enduring style. After coming back into style in the 2000s, peep toes experienced another revival in the early 2010s with the bootie trend.

How to flaunt them


Leather and leatherette peep toe heels look more casual, as do peep toes made of suede , which is leather with a velvety nap. For fancier occasions,patent leather heels  will impress. Patent leather is dyed leather that has been processed to give it a hard, glossy surface. Satin peep toe heels, made of glossy fabric, are also suitable for formal wear, for example, at a wedding. Lace and silk peep toes create an even more elegant feel, while sparkly glitter is probably the most eye-catching material.They are usually easy to slip on because they are not tied or strapped in any way. However, some models may have fancy ankle straps.



The heel selection starts with low kitten heels  and goes up to slender, dagger-like stilettos . Peep toes can take on several different styles: stilettos, booties, kitten heels, flats, wedges etc. The gradation of the slope on the peep toe heels corresponds with the heel height.The taller the heel, the steeper the slope and the more pressure the foot has to endure.Inserts put into the peep toe heels can help to prevent slipping and they also provide some cushioning. For girls who require extra support, full arch support inserts increase the comfort of the shoe and prevent the foot from sliding forwards.


The choice of the height largely depends on the wearer and the occasion. For everyday wear, lower heels are more comfortable, especially when the shoes are worn for long hours. Parties and nights out, however, call for stiletto heels that give the ultimate sexy look.

The Right Size

Even more than for clothing, shoes should have the right size to fit comfortably. While a dress that is too tight may simply look a bit unsightly, tight shoes cause blisters and other foot problems. Smaller shoes may look tempting because they make the feet look cute and petite, but they can be harmful.


Thanks to their wide variety, peep toe heels can be worn with any clothes. When opting for a more conservative look, for example, at work, then simple, leather peep toes with neutral colours are the best choice. Weddings, cocktail parties, and other formal events require fancier heels, either with sparkly glitter, satin, or silk. Patent leather spices up any party or night out, while nude-coloured peep toes work wonders with shorts and rompers.

The most classic way to wear a peep toe is as a high heel, and the shoes look great paired with cropped pants, skirts and dresses that show them off. An embellished pair of peep toes made out of silk or a similarly luxurious material is perfect for a formal event. For a more casual look, try peep toe wedges or peep toe booties. You may try embellished peeptoes for weddings or festivities too.

@iDreamShoes, I showcase my favorite blush lacy peeptoes which I wear with different looks viz. indian pant suits, embellished top & denims, maxi dresses, light shaded one- piece dresses  & lehengas. Yeah! the good grip of peeptoes makes it comfy with everything.




Peep toe heels are a very feminine choice when it comes to footwear and they can be worn almost anywhere, all year round. The peep toe design supports good airflow and prevents the feet from excess perspiration for summer. In the modern world, the fashion rules do not prohibit wearing the peep toe heels with tights or stockings and therefore they can be worn even into the cold winter days.


Love from iDreamShoes!!!

A mini guide to buy these beauties online :


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